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Meiling - From Rl To Sl

Hello Gorgeous,
Today i bring to you The House of Meiling Collection.
Meiling had her first SL fashion Show, brought by Boulevard Agency.
The Trinidad-based designer is renowned for her work in fine linens and natural fabrics as well as her successful fashion lines and cutting edge runway shows.
I have to say i was quite amazed with this designer.
I like the minimal style, the clothes are so awesome.
The spirit is that the Less is More and in this case a beautifull assemble of natural materials and design.
In Meiling own words - " Dressing is about a sense of occasion, about feeling special. The relationship between personality and garment is very important ".
I have chosen 2 outfits, from Meiling's 16 pieces collection. This colection is already avaiable Inworld. So run and get yours. A great opportunity to have RL designer brand in your Sl Wardrobe

Meiling - Le Garçon Shirt & Pants Set

From Meiling's Noir Collection. Le Garçon - Shirt & Pants Set is a unique pants set in crisp linen  The sleeveless clean line of this tunic type outfit with matching slim pants makes this a very nice and comfortable town wear for the summer season.

Bracelet: Finesmith ( )
Hair: Vanity Hair
Makeup and lashes: Miamai
Nails: Mandala
Outfit: The House of Meiling ( )
Pose: Miamai
Shoes: Leezu

Photos: Paulinha Lefevre
Location: The Logy Inc. Project / )

Origami Crumple Dress

The second outfit from Meiling's "Noir Collection" which she introduced last year in RL. This lovely summer dress .Meiling gets a lot of her inspiration from the great Japanese designers such as Yohji Yamamoto, Rei Kawakubo and Junya Watanabe, who's influence you can see in this very simple, yet creative piece with lots of folds and wrinkles made with the crisp linen.

Hair: Mr.S
Makeup and Lashes: Miamai
Nails: Mandala
Outfit: The House of Meiling ( )
Pose: Miamai
Shoes: Slink

Photos: Paulinha Lefevre
Location: The Logy Inc. Project ( )

About The House of Meiling
(THM press release and Fashion show presentation)

Meiling is a real life designer who, in addition to Meiling couture and bespoke wedding wear, also owns MSQUARED signature-styled affordable fashions, Meiling resort wear, and Meiling Limited Edition uniforms. And this month, she takes her innovations digital in Second Life that will rock the virtual fashion scene.
Meiling’s designs pair the haunting flavor of the Caribbean with the whimsy of Tokyo street style to create a chic fashion look that channels the artist in everyone.
Born in Trinidad, Meiling has always had an interest in fashion and began designing as a young girl. After attending the Lucie Clayton School of Design in London, she returned to Trinidad and Tobago to set up her first studio and retail outlet. Today her designs are worn by celebrities such as Chef Wolfgang Puck and former Miss Universe Wendy Fitzwilliam.
Meiling was one of only two designers in the English-speaking Caribbean to show at the 2010 Plataforma K in Colombia. This year she was invited once again to return to this prestigious South American fashion event as the only designer representing the English-speaking Caribbean at large.
She also received the 2011 Women of Influence Award from the Association of Female Executives of Trinidad & Tobago for her innovation and business acumen.
You might can she create SL clothes even if she was a RL designer? The answer is the wonderful team she has in SL. Her niece and RL Business Development Manager, Chigadee London, who is also owner of Couture Chapeau in SL, not only introduced her to SL but will be creating her designs into SL clothes together will her partner Balthazar Fouroux, who is a master sculpt artist in SL and a RL graphic designer.
This wonderful three-some is what is going to make "Meiling" possible in SL.
Her clothes in SL will be the exact recreation of her designs in RL which means we will be able to buy and wear her wonderful clothes in this virtual world and how exciting is that?

Welcome to the House of MEILING

Meiling is the premier RL designer of the Caribbean. She is renowned for her work in fine linens
and natural fabrics.  Her style is minimalist but with close attention to the detailing of every piece,whether beading, embroidery, or a razor-sharp pleat.
Although each item produced is unique–a black dress or a crisp white shirt, a bespoke wedding dress or a men’s linen jacket—the end result is always a sophisticated garment marked by superior workmanship.
The list of local, regional and international celebrities who wear her clothes include celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck and Miss Universe 1998 Wendy Fitzwilliam.
" I am very excited to have a presence in SL and to bring my designs in here for the residents. I am fascinated by this incredible platform of creativity and community and  totally 'get it' why people love being here. We have worked hard to translate my designs to the SL standards and to make sure that it looks as good or even better than the real thing."

MEILING is the registered brand name of Meiling Inc. Ltd. The Meiling Logo is copyrighted and cannot be used without permission from Meiling Inc. Ltd.
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